Giant Bunnies, Painted Eggs… and the Resurrection? {Guest Post}

Giant bunniesSo really, what do giant bunnies have to do with the Sacrificial Lamb, who was slain for my sins, so that I might be set free? Humm… Well, absolutely nothing. Now, we could get into the historical origins of the Easter celebration, and how Christians (supposedly) replaced the Pagen holy day Eostre and the spring equinox with what we call Easter. Now, I have no excuses for the giant bunny (straight out of an 80’s sci-fi) but here is a post that might better explain why we celebrate the Resurrection (Easter) when we do,

So, back to the part of the bunny and eggs. There is really no correlation between Jesus Christ’s gift of the cross and those disgustingly delicious sugar coated bunnies that I hide in my closet and scarf down each Easter Monday. So, some families choose to take the hard line approach of NO Easter Bunny, NO Santa Clause. That is a decision that each family makes, and no matter the outcome, I find it beautiful. Reason being, those who do NOT celebrate these man-made mythical additions to a very real, very important, cause for celebrating are doing so out of a sincere love of The Lord and desire for their children to grow in holiness. On the other hand, those of us who choose to celebrate the Easter bunny, are by no means disregarding or making trivial Christ’s merciful gift to us.

I have a sister in law whose family is Hasidic Jewish. When I have gone to celebrations that their community has, I am overwhelmed by the INSANE amounts of sugar… candies, treats, soda, potato chips. The goodies just keep on going. I gently commented on it one time (so as not to sound condemning) and the response I received was eye-opening. The general idea is that with the Holy Days (including Sabbath), they truly want to create an atmosphere of EXCESSIVE CELEBRATION. They want their children to view a distinct difference between this day and any other day. Sending the message that something extraordinary took place this day and my life and yours will forever be changed.

As much as I was (and am) opposed to getting my children all hopped up on candy, I understand the motive. Not only do I understand, but I feel like I need to emulate that in our own traditions. Not the candy part… But the intention behind it.

So back to the bunny… The bunny (in our home) is not the focus but adds to the celebration. I kind of view it like a piñata (I mean I’m doubtful that breaking open a star shaped box of candy has any relevance to anything… but it’s fun), it’s just a little something extra. I want my children to recognize that… that, “something extraordinary took place on this day and WE will forever be changed because of it.” As they grow up, they will all too soon realize there is (cover your eyes & ears kids) NO Easter Bunny… But they will know that we celebrated in a big, ostentatious, over the top, kind of way, because “something extraordinary happened on Resurrection Day and I will forever be changed… Not by a bunny… But by a LAMB.

So, do it your way…. But do it BIG.

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My amazing husband and I have been married for just over 8 years. I am the (blessed/stressed) stayat home mother of 4 children, 3 boys and one little girl. I am an auditory learner who can memorize just about any song after hearing it only once or twice. Music speaks to my soul in a way nothing else can. I have a love for all things organic, natural, and homeopathic, but in the chaos of my life, I often backslide and find myself desperately reaching for that box of (fill in the blank) sugar cereal. I am a living contradiction, just trying to get better day by day. I'm too hard on myself, I'm generally disorganized, and often let the worst version of myself "out to play," but cling like crazy to REDEMPTION, and trust in the ONE who makes me better than myself. I'm kind, loyal, and head-over-hills for this crazy, insane life I live.

Fredrick Douglas once said, " it is easer to build strong children than to fix broken men."

In the words of Lowe's:"Let's build something together."


  1. Love this! Such an important point about Easter & all liturgical celebrations… make it big! Why shouldn’t children be raised in such a way that shows distinction between ordinary time an celebratory moments within the liturgical calendar? I agree wholeheartedly!

  2. I agree with making it a big day of celebration, but I think it can be done without a bunny. I guess I don’t want my kids thinking some creepy bunny brought them a basket of goodies. Jason and I already have a tradition of giving a gift at Easter and I love it. I think that will continue, but i want my kids to know those gifts came from us because it’s such a special day (just as special, if not more than Christmas). I love celebrating Easter with a bg party, lots of people, great food and fellowship.
    Kellie recently posted…32 things that make me happyMy Profile

  3. Your last line actually gave me goose bumps. I LOVE it. Great perspective!
    DrMom recently posted…God’s Baby ShowerMy Profile

  4. Emily, I love that you took it a step further in bringing up the whole liturgical year. Great point!

  5. Kellie, how lucky for your son to be raised by parents that are making INTENTIONAL decisions on things that the majority of society thinks to be trivial. DrMom, thank you for your kind words. We will never be the same because He has loved us… Happy Holy Week!

  6. This is so smart, and so well written! Thanks for the insight Brina- this really made me think about the reasons behind our family’s traditions and the RIGHT way to celebrate holidays. Well done!
    Anna Kate recently posted…Currently.My Profile

  7. Have you seen the children’s movie, “The First Easter Bunny”? It’s a short film about how a bunny is the first “person” to see Jesus come out of the tomb at his resurrection, and Jesus tells the bunny he wants him to help start a wonderful celebration of sweets and colorful eggs and rabbits, just like himself, to share the story of the resurrection. The story tells it much better than I did, but I love how it blends secular with faith.
    Jen @ Enter Under My Roof recently posted…RECIPE: Hot Cross Buns Recipe & Project (free printable!)My Profile


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