If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again… {Mary}

I’m loving the linky that Tara and Carolyn at Padded Tush Stats have set up for this week – it’s all about “If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again…”

if i could cd all over again

They had extended the idea to us to link-up with them, so Jenna and I will both be sharing our “If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again…” posts!

When I first decided to cloth diaper, my motivation was primarily financial.  Looking at the amount of money I could save by switching from having two in disposable diapers to two in cloth diapers was astounding to me.  So in I jumped!

I was lucky to have Jenna as a guide and used her wealth of cloth diaper knowledge to guide me into the beginning choppy waters.  I can still recall being overwhelmed by all the different options.  Not knowing what I liked, or even what the different styles, fabrics, brands and features even meant.

Now when I think about cloth diapering, I am head over heals for the cuteness!  If I could start all over again, I would base my stash on the cutest, most lovable prints and colors I could find.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to pick from a stash of one cute diaper over another equally cute diaper!


Lets start with my deepest love… Sustainablebabyish (Sloomb) makes the most amazing fitted diapers.  A luxurious bamboo organic fleece combo, and a reputation for quality, these have my heart from the beginning.


They recently released the most amazing prints and designs, the Forage, Forage 2 and Sweet Chevvies.  I took one look at these and have spent the past week trying to figure out how to fit these into my budget and stash.  I literally would LOVE to have every one of these diapers.  The one downside is that fitted diapers require a cover; essentially covering the part of the diaper I am obsessed with the most.  However, I would use these during the day, so I could probably get a good 3 hours out of them without a cover.  Even adding in a layer of fleece under the soaker pad to transition it into more of a hybrid fitted.


tots bots

Tots Bots Easy Fit is a diaper I am completely green to and would love to be able to change that soon.  Especially after seeing the “Pooper Hero” and the “Story Prints!”  I mean, how cute are these!!  I really would be happy with any and all of these prints.


rumparooz 2

Rumparooz brand also have some great prints in both their One-Size Pocket Diapers and Diaper Covers. Lux has to be one of my FAVORITE prints of all time and I would probably make my daughter wear it daily!  I have limited experience with Rumparooz, but so far, I love the one diaper I do have from them.  They have the most amazing leg gussets and, once again, who could pass up these great, unique prints!


blueberry diapers

I have one Simplex AIO with side snaps in my stash currently and would totally add some more of their great prints!  Elephant, Messy Hands, Monsters and Butterflies are so sweet and fun!  Not to mention that they are so easy to use and carry natural fiber options.  I also love the trim fit of a side-snap!



Over the past year, I have fallen in love with Grovia products.  Both their AIO and their Shell are amazing.  The quality is impeccable and fuelling my cute fetish, they come in some great solid colors and fun prints.  Would love to add the Peacock print to my stash!  This year they also added Kiwi Pie Fitteds to their product line.  The Eillie and Ziggy print are my favorites and would surely be a welcome addition!



My staple diaper has become a bumGenius 4.0.  Doing my stash over again would certainly still include these! The reliability of this diaper is what I come back to time and time again.  A one-size fits all, an easy to use diaper that has held up over the years.  I love their fun solid colors; Dazzle, Moonbeam, Mirror, Sassy and Grasshopper, etc.  And both their new prints, Maathai & Irwin – and the older Lovelace are to die for!  Can’t wait to get my hand on those.


Looking back, I know I threw out esthetics for the ability to save a couple more bucks the first time around.  But in the long run, if I could cloth diaper all over again, I would focus on what really matters…. How cute that little diaper looks on my baby’s bum!! ;)

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If I could cloth diaper all over again

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Mary is the wife to a creative, outdoors-man and mother to 3 precious children. She's got a sensitive, girly 4 year old. A wild, all-boy 2.5 year old. And a calm and patient 1 year old beauty.She loves fashion, wine and chocolate.And when she isn't blogging, she can be found cozy'd up on the couch watching TV.


  1. J Shallow-Miller says

    There are so many cute AIOs. It would have been tempting to cloth diaper when mine were younger if there were as many cute options when my daughter was born.

  2. Mrs. Chevalley RHOCC says

    I couldn’t cloth diaper, I don’t know if I have the stomach or if my washing machine could handle it! I applaud moms who can!

    • says

      Dealing with poop on cloth versus disposables is the same. If you read more about disposables, you are supposed to flush the poop too. And I have an OLD washing machine that handles all my diaper laundry just fine!

    • Mary @ a mama collective says

      I once thought I didn’t have the stomach. I have sense reasoned that dealing with poop is a a necessary part of parenthood. For me, cloth was easier than I expected! :)

  3. Suzi says

    Oh, my. I’m not sure that my stash right *now* would look any different if I started all over again… but my starter stash would have definitely been different than it was!

  4. A Spectacled Owl says

    I didn’t cloth diaper so I never knew how pretty & fun they can be! I think if I was to have another baby (which I am NOT lol) I would definitely give cloth diapering a try :)

  5. Lauren S. says

    My husband is pretty thankful that I’ve not fallen prey to cute prints! While I love cloth diapers, they are just pee and poop catchers to me, and I love my little man’s clothing too much too! My philosophy has saved us a ton of money with diapering ;)

    • Mary @ a mama collective says

      indeed your husband is lucky… I’m sure mine wishes I wasn’t so attracted to those cute prints!

  6. Amye says

    If I cloth diapered all over again I think I would defiantly want a spray pal! and search around for better preforming diapers vs the colors and cuteness. HOWEVER it is hard to resist super cute diapers!

    • Mary @ a mama collective says

      I am with you on a spray pal. I hardly ever use our spayer anymore and use disposable liners instead. It’s hard not to get the poo everywhere with that darn sprayer! And a quality diaper is always most important!

  7. Brittany C. says

    I used cloth diapers when my baby was little for a few months! I wish I would have kept going but it was too messy for me! These designs are really cute!

  8. Olivia L says

    You’ve picked quite a few of my favourites too! If I could do it over again, I’d buy fewer fitted diapers. I only use mine at night, and I could have saved that cash to buy some cute pockets!

  9. Jennifer says

    I don’t cloth diaper, but this post has reaffirmed how cute they really are! Such adorable patterns! I’m actually considering cloth diapering my 3rd because of money and the cute-ness factor.

  10. Vanessa Coker says

    Love them! I’m having a second chance to cloth diaper again with baby #2 due later in the year. Definitely getting more swaddlebees capri covers this time. They are amazing! and Sbish for night time.

  11. Shalaina Simmons says

    I love your honesty when it comes to being in love with the cute factor. I talked my hubby into cloth by emphasizing the financial rewards, this is baby #3 for us so cost saving is a must, but now I feel obsessed with all the cute diaps I see, lol. Even though I’ve got a good starter stash set up I plan to splurge on a diaper here and there to add in that extra something good to look at (cut on the wear and tear from washing is how it is translated to hubby talk)

  12. Laura B says

    I’m all about cute prints too! They are just so fun. You picked some great ones. I really want to get some sustainablebabyish fitteds. They are toooooo adorable.


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