{Guest Post} Morgan’s Breastfeeding Experience


Breastfeeding has been a fairly smooth journey for both my girls and me. I feel incredibly fortunate that, other than those first couple of weeks that can be pretty painful, breastfeeding has been a bonding and joyful experience.

I knew from the start with my first pregnancy that breastfeeding would be my only option. I wasn’t sure what that entailed or how difficult the process might be, but I wanted to give it my best go based on the incredible nutritional and immune-related benefits. When Liv was born, she took to feeding right away. It was painful and full of sore, dry, cracked, you name it side effects for the first month or so, but the time that Liv spent nursing was a sweet respite. I loved that only I as her momma could provide this nourishment and experience this special bond with her. Taylor was a similar story. Just like many other moms shared, it is easier the second time around despite my initial fears (that adjustment to breastfeeding pain is painful).

What I didn’t love was pumping. I didn’t love feeling like a piece of livestock hooked up to a milking machine. I didn’t mind nursing in public and often I’m sure I made folks around me uncomfortable (including my own family!) when I happily breastfeed my babies wherever I was and in whatever conversation was happening around me (nursing cover included). But when it came to pumping and storing up milk for when I was away, I retreated to the darkest, emptiest space in our house. I was actually pretty mortified by the process. Long story short, we do what we have to do to nourish and love on our kids the best way we can. Even if that means feeling like a cow or supplementing with formula if you have to or nursing freely and happily wherever you please (the world will get used it).

Liv weaned herself at 15 months and that was a tough transition. We were both ready, but it’s difficult to lose something that brought the two of you so close in such a unique way! Taylor and I still have a long while of bonding.

The benefits of breastfeeding are powerful – it’s just what your baby needs to grow and thrive, our body adjusts its nourishment based off of our little ones’ unique needs. So awesome. Plus, for us always-running-late moms, how convenient is it to always have meals wherever you go? No prepping, packing, warming… ;)

There is no *perfect* way to do it and all moms deserve three cheers for finding their perfect solution – but I’m happy to say that breastfeeding was for us!

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Morgan blogs over at Pepper Design Blog, is mom to Liv and Taylor and wife to hubby Kevin. She is a full time working mom as a marketing director and graphic designer, but adores building a home that is cozy, warm and inviting for her family. She blogs about her adventures in renovating with her husband (a 1930's Spanish gutter that they're rebuilding bit by bit), crafting with her daughters and everything in between.

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  1. I’ve had to pump on different occasions and it’s not my favorite thing, either. The children are actually fascinated by the machine and the funny sounds it makes. But I’m glad that this technology has enabled me to get through some tough times and back to nursing naturally again.

    • I agree, Anne, I think it’s amazing when moms who can’t physically nurse their babes still take the time to pump and give their baby the breastmilk they are able to.

  2. I love breastfeeding my daughter. I am also still pumping at 20 months. We do what we have to!

  3. Pumping is also my least favorite thing to do – which is why now at 8 months my baby freaks out when I try a bottle. I wish I would have done it more! 15 months is great mama! Well done!

    • That reminds me, I need to introduce our newest one to a bottle soon :)!

  4. I really didn’t enjoy pumping, I do remember with my last child, she was starving and we were in the car, in the worst Atlanta traffic and pulled out my pump and pumped a bottle for her right then and there. I can’t even imagine what the people around me must have been thinking, there were more stared than I was comfortable with, but you do what you gotta do :)

    • I think that’s amazing! Good for you for being so resourceful in such a tricky situation. A friend of mine ALWAYS uses her commute to pump and she has had more than one interesting story of a trucker pulling up along side of her and the shocked look on their face when they look down!

  5. Pumping was a pain, but as a working mom it is what worked for us!

  6. Thanks so much for the insightful article!

  7. AWW congrats just fopund out about it but congrats

  8. Totally agree with all of this! I loved nursing my girls, but hated pumping from the get-go.

  9. Thank you! We are in a huge need of helpful tips on breastfeding in Indonesia. Most hospitals do not support breastfeeding alone. We salute your hard work.



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