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Thinking about // Grace. Grace that gets me through the day. Because really, I can’t do this thing without that. I can’t do marriage without that. I can’t do motherhood without that. I can’t get through shitty work days or days that drag on or days that I feel the weight of the guilt heavy on my shoulders without THAT. That grace.

One of my dear friends Kellie. Thinking about her. About the grace being poured on her in this extremely hard and unthinkable time. About her daughter Lily whose being is the embodiment of grace.

grace definition copyGrace. It’s free. And it’s giving all.the.time. Even when I don’t want it or feel like wanting it. It’s there. It’s keeping me moving. It’s keeping me free from despair. And when I slip through to the depths of despair? It reaches in and floods me, surrounds me, washes me to the surface. Grace.

Reading // I just finished this. Woohoo!!! Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVED it. I want more, give me more! Okay, sorry I got really excited. But really. I loved it. Tell me what to read next, would you, could you? I need something light (I am not ready for deep theological type anything yet), but good writing. Anything?

Reminiscing about // The girls’ adorable dance recital was on Saturday. It was so cute. They dance with Mary’s oldest daughter also, so the three of them together is the sweetest thing ever. I love watching their friendships so much!

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Watching // Okay, so I got some heat on Facebook for asking who was going to watch Orange is the New Black’s new season. And I KNOW it’s inappropriate (so inappropriate), but I have to watch SOMETHING while I pump every day at work (because pumping is my hell). I tried Call the Midwife and hated it! (I know, I’ll get flack for that one too!)

But really. Orange is the New Black helps me pass the time. I hated it at first because of how sexual it was, but it got better (kind of) a few episodes in. And I like seeing and getting to know the inmates’ history because I think it allows us to believe in a redeeming factor in each and every one of them. That’s what humanity is about, right? Seeing the good in those you think have none left? Grace, right?

Thankful for // That thing I keep talking about.

My husband and I went on a mini staycation for a night this weekend. It was so needed. Even though we didn’t stay up late or even really sleep in (I guess you can count waking at 6am sleeping in), we had dinner with uninterrupted conversation. We watched a movie as loud as we wanted. We moseyed to mass and held each other’s hands. We went to breakfast and talked about real things, about changes, about our future, about our family. These things are necessary to the function of our marriage. We need these solitary moments with just each other so that we are forced to talk about the things we otherwise would brush aside once we are tackled by the girls. It’s easy for me to talk about our marriage with everyone but my husband, but that isn’t fixing or helping anything.

He is what matters. He and that grace. That’s everything.



  • Set up doctors’ appts for the girls. // Oh gosh. Well, I scheduled dentist appts. That should count for SOMETHING, right??
  • Spend an hour alone with the hubs with no distractions for at least five nights. // I didn’t do hot with this one either! But we did just do a mini staycation with each other which was MUCH needed and really fruitful for us.
  • Organize the dang laundry room. // This didn’t really happen either. What is wrong with me?? But I did throw some clothes in a bin to at least get rid of some of the eyesore that is my laundry room. Eeek.


  • Set up doctors’ appts for the girls.
  • Meal plan!
  • Organize the dang laundry room. (Look at the disaster!)

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Jenna is the mama behind A Mama Collective. She has three beautiful daughters who cause a lot of chaos and joy in her life. She also has a husband who is gracious and kind, and who looks away when cloth diaper mail arrives.
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  1. Hi, jen – from one mother of three girls to another. . . bless us everyone. my first time to link up – was I to also add a list of what i’m currently…and fill in the blanks? Wasn’t sure.
    Grace is what we need most, period. my girls need to feel it from me (even when I’m not feeling it…) God continues to draw me to Himself so that they know/see/experience an accurate view of Him – not a trumped up, taught view. As my friend reminds me: things are caught more than taught.
    sue donaldson recently posted…A New LookMy Profile

    • Thanks for linking up, Sue! I love what your friend says: Things are caught more than taught. SO great. Thank you for that reminder :)

  2. My sister asked me about that show today. :) I haven’t personally seen it but know a lot of people who love it! Those giving you heat about it I’m SURE have some sort of guilty pleasure show that is just as wildly inappropriate in it’s own right, to each his own! Have a great week!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom
    Lena recently posted…Life Currently vol.2My Profile

    • Ha I think I felt the heat too because I know how bad it is! I haven’t started binging on the second season yet, as I still need to finish up Parenthood on Netflix ;) I hope you have a great week too, Lena! Thank you for being here!

    • Oh man the recital was adorable. I loved it so much! Thank you always for your encouragement and love :)

  3. Oh sweet grace. Where would I be without this gift? Have a great week Jenna.
    Linds recently posted…Currently {Vol. 4}My Profile

    • You too, Linds. Thanks so much for being here :)

  4. Thinking about: What I’m doing with my life, where I’m going, what my dreams are

    Reading: Anything Shauna Niequist

    Listening to: Country Music. It’s summer time!

    Watching: Friends Season2 on DVD

    Thankful for: Peonies and how beautiful they are!
    Laura recently posted…Gettin’ Rid of the UglyMy Profile

    • Seriously, peonies are the BOMB. So gorgeous. And I want to hear more about your dreams, friend!

  5. Thanks for having me co-host! I think you would love the Divergent series, or the Legend series if you enjoyed Hunger Games!
    Andrea @Hand and the Heart recently posted…Currently Link-UpMy Profile

    • Okay, so you’re the third person to recommend Divergent, so I may just need to go for it! Thanks so much for co-hosting :) You’re the best!

  6. Love that you’re thinking about grace! I was at a women’s event over the weekend and we talked about grace and really understanding what it means. It was wonderful!

    I plan on watching Orange is the New Black at some point. It may not be the most appropriate show, but it’s still entertaining. Sorry you got some heat for it. Maybe if you were watching it with your kids it would be a little different haha. So glad you got to get some time with your husband!
    Lisa recently posted…Currently (Vol. 5)My Profile

    • That sounds awesome, Lisa. I want to learn more and more about it so I can really know that it’s always on my side. I’m so glad I had special time with him also! Thank you :)

  7. Love love the heart in this post, Jenna. I’m so glad that you and your hubs were able to have a night alone with just each other. I think every marriage, especially one with children, needs that every so often to recharge.
    Oh, and I love the photos from the recital–precious girls!
    jenna @ dearest love recently posted…/ / The WeekendMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Jenna :) It was really what we needed — and I’m so glad that we talked about the hard things instead of keeping life on the surface. We get caught up, I think, not really getting deep into things we need to discuss and work on. When we’re alone? It’s not so easy to avoid ;) The recital was so much fun and so cute, thank you!

    • Yeah, is that laundry room not insane?? And what a great idea to get my husband involved. Even more “bonding” time! ;)

  8. Our girls both had dance recitals this weekend! How funny! They look adorable! So happy that you and Mike got some time away, that is SO necessary, glad you snagged that time!
    Cassie recently posted…Currently {Volume 5}My Profile

    • Aw how cute!! Thanks lady :) Yes it was such a needed and great time.

  9. Love the way you write, friend! And I’m so jealous of your staycation! That sounds amazing. Also, I watched the first couple episodes of OITNB (is that a thing) and kinda loved it. ;)
    Anna Kate recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

    • Thanks, AK! We had a good (albeit, short) time :) And yes, OITNB is a thing… now.

  10. I’ve never seen Orange is the New Black, seen it advertised on Netflix but never watched it. Dance recital pics are adorable!! And so fun and refreshing for your marriage to have a staycation :)
    Ileana recently posted…Currently | Volume 5 |My Profile

    • Yeah it was really wonderful! Thanks lady :)

  11. Love your pictures, as always! Soooo glad you and your hubby got that time for just the two of you! We all need that … often! ;)
    Sybil Brun recently posted…Currently {Volume 8}My Profile

  12. Your mini staycation sounds PERFECT! I need one of those soon!

    As usual I love your honesty. Grace is something I need to work on. You always amaze me with your eloquent words.

    I love all the photos!

    Thank you for hosting this link up. I love it!



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