Living My Dreams :: 19/52

I’ve recently joined a really amazing community called Bright + Gutsy {who have since closed down!!). They are “are a start-up setting out to strengthen, connect and inspire young female dreamers.” And they are inviting us along for the ride. You, me, my friends, my daughters. All women, everywhere. There are dreams inside of us that are bursting to be known and lived.

I think the first step is voicing those dreams. And I have. And I want to do this. I want to live my dreams, passionately and fiercely. The ones that He has set on my heart. They are there for a reason. There is a fire in me. And He’s given me the tools to truly come alive.

I can’t wait to see what comes of this, my deep dreaming and soul searching. My discovery. I want this for my daughters. Fiercely want this for them. I want them to write down and realize their dreams so they can see the path with which they will be fully themselves for the very first time. I want them to never say “This can’t be realized.” I want them to say “It is possible.” I want them to live life on fire.

I can’t imagine how much more the Father wants this for me.

Tell me below, what are YOUR dreams?

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Jenna is the mama behind A Mama Collective. She has three beautiful daughters who cause a lot of chaos and joy in her life. She also has a husband who is gracious and kind, and who looks away when cloth diaper mail arrives.
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    Hi Jenna. I,too, have dreams. They change with the seasons (and sometimes with our 3 girls’ hormones…or, mine…) I never dreamed I’d have 3 girls and that now they would be 25, 22, and 18 – mostly my best friends in the world (see note on hormones.) I will go to Jesus now – it’s 7:30 in CA and drink my coffee and ask Him about today’s dreams. Bless you.

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      Oh gosh, I love that you have three girls also! That makes my heart so happy. I love to hear about families with three girls. And what treasure, that they’re your best friends! And incredible gift. Thank you so much for sharing your kind words with me and for being here, Sue. ~Jenna
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    I saw Bright and Gutsy last night on the twitter chat! It looks so fun! I have a big dream of one day opening an art studio above an old pharmacy in our town. It’s this iconic place that everyone knows about, and the apartment area above it is full of floor to ceiling windows. I’d just love to be able to tell people to come by my art studio, “it’s above Howard’s Pharmacy.” Ha. One day. It’s going to happen.
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    I have super big dreams for next year, but I can’t really share my ideas quiet yet. It’s frustrating that I have to wait until next year (silly regulations), but I’m wisely using the time to prepare and have everything in place to launch as soon as the moment arrives!

    My kids and I are learning to play the guitar. I LOVE music and my five-year-old wants to be a rockstar when she grows up! Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next Taylor Swift?!
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    I have so many dreams, it’s hard to keep track of them sometimes. It’s also hard for me to share them at times, because I feel like some of them are way too lofty and far fetched. Oh well, we’ll see! :)
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      I HEAR you, Ashli, on feeling like your dreams are too far fetched. I feel the exact same way, often. But I think we can begin to realize at some point, that parts of the dream can be accomplished! We only need to find the path to get there. I’m excited to be journeying with you. ~Jenna
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    Sounds pretty fun! What made you decide to join up with them? Do you have a specific dream?

    A huge dream of mine would be to create something (whether it be a course, book, oil painting-haha, ok maybe not anything with paint) that would help women know Jesus in a deeper way and provide our family with the extra income to add some rooms to our tiny house (and then fill them with babies ;).
    Lauren recently posted…She Laughs at the Time to ComeMy Profile

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      My dream is so similar to yours, Lauren. I don’t exactly know where that niche is for me yet – but in some way CREATING, just as you said, to bring Him glory. I would love to be a speaker, travel with my family, etc.

      So, let’s pick up some painting! ;) thank you for being here. ~Jenna

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    And oh … that first photo. Beautiful beautiful angel girl.

    And where were you about 35 years ago when I had little ones? I would have loved to have met you then … Blessings as you continue to dream, to write, to soar.

    So cool to have met you today, Jenna.
    Linda@Creekside recently posted…Relentless StrivingMy Profile

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      Thank you SO much for your kind words, Linda. I truly appreciate you and your encouragement. Have fun dreaming too, sister :) ~Jenna

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    It’s scary to dream sometimes. But I’m learning to dream again. I know God has plans and He’s put deep desires in my heart. But what do those actually look like? I need to take time to process and discover the dreams.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Linds recently posted…This is no mistake.My Profile

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      I totally am with you, Linds. I think a huge part of living our dreams is sitting down and really looking internally to what they actually ARE. Sometimes the unwrapping of ourselves to find our dreams is so life-giving and freeing. Let’s take the time to do it. I’m ready, are you? ~Jenna
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    This is an awesome resource! I will be checking them out. This year my OLW is all about LEAPING. Leaping to do a dream that is scary. Leap to talk about it, even if people think it’s silly. No one will know about it if we don’t talk about it. Leap to just put it out there and see what happens. Also, leap to trust God that has a plan even if He hasn’t let me in on it. Leap even though I don’t know how this dream will look. I took a big leap with my website this year. It’s all about faith and compassion. Lifting women up, not tearing them down. Bringing to light social issues and oppression of women and girls around the world. My dream is to share this information and make a difference some how.
    Jeri recently posted…Life lesson #7: Mean Girls Don’t Grow Up…They Just Grow Old.My Profile

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      I love this so much, Jeri. You are doing incredible things! I love the word Leaping. I love the idea of the freedom that word entails. It is not guarded or sure, it is physically jumping into an unknown yet with complete faith! Such a wonderful reminder for me. You won’t always know what will happen when you land, but the faith and trust it takes to leap will surely catch you. Thank you for your amazing encouragement. ~Jenna
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    This is a wonderful project idea! I think it’s great to encourage women to follow their dreams :) I have so many, but I just need to sit down and think on them…organize myself to get there!
    Stacey recently posted…The Disappointing DayMy Profile

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      I agree, organization is so important for dreams. Granted, I’m not close to being organized, but that’s the goal, same as you :) dream on, sister.

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    I want an online business selling all things fancy for women like jewelry, office supplies and clothing. It has been a business I have wanted to run since I was 18. I am hoping it will happen one day.

    Also, I want to write a children’s book for children with working moms, so they can know mommy and daddy work to make their lives better, but to carry mommy and daddy with them and mommy and daddy do the same.
    Jade recently posted…Reestablishing My Walk with GodMy Profile

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      Um. That sounds like an AWESOME book that I’d buy in a second. And your online business idea sounds wonderful, also! I can’t wait to see it and watch it grow :) ~Jenna

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      No, I haven’t read it, Jennifer! I will definitely look into it :) Thank you so much for being here and for your kind words. ~Jenna

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