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My name is Jenna Guizar, and I am the founding mama behind the blog. I am a native of Arizona and have a beautiful family of five. My husband and three daughters fill up my life with so many good things while also making me grow every day. This blog is my attempt at documenting our lives – and finding other mamas who are on the same trenchy, crazy road called motherhood.

I love community, and I want that every day of my life.

The Blog

This project began in my mind many years ago, but it came into fruition February of 2013. This blog is a platform to voice the truths of marriage, motherhood, parenting, and everything in between. I hope to one day have a great sense of journeying with each other as mothers and wives, and that we all truly come to understand that it takes a whole village, and we’re in it.

Mary (my beautiful main contributor) and I truly love people and love to hear their stories about their ups and their downs. We are here to share ours with you, and along the way, invite others to share theirs.

We will write about our adventures, do product reviews, and talk with others who are on this fun and jagged road we call life.

The Contributors


Hi, I’m Mary and this is my wild and precious family.  My husband and I have been married just over 5 years and have 3 amazing children to show for it.  God continues to show me his undying love as Creator and I am constinetly  in awe of what He has made out of my little life.  I’ve always been passionate about traveling the road to self-acceptance and finding amazing companions for the journey.  I hope you’ll join us, whatever may come.

Kellie is the wife to Jason and Mama to her 6 month old son, Ted. She has ALWAYS wanted to be a mom and feels truly blessed to be Ted’s mom. Some days are great and some days are tough, but every day she is in awe that he is hers :) Check out her personal blog, Life and Love.

Susie is a mama to a young daughter and son. She is the wife to a sweet man she affectionally calls “Chamie” and is a self-proclaimed author and poet. When she’s not jotting down poems on crumpled napkins, she can be found running to house music or practicing yoga. Her work is composed of moments she hopes to never forget. At times, the voice in her head speaks Spanish, but when she’s not being dramatic, she prefers to write in the simple and direct form of the English language.

Maryruth is a wife of 13+ years and a full-time mom to her 4 children. She has a PhD in Education reflecting her passion for Lifespan Human Development. In her academic life she researches, reads, & writes about child development, parenting, identity development and program evaluation. She is a soccer mom who has recently discovered gardening and is an avid reader, although her literature choices are lately limited to the likes of Margaret Wise Brown and Sandra Boynton.

Anna Kate is the blogger behind Home Away From Home. She is married to a wonderful man, and mama to a silly, wild, perfect little boy named Emmett. She spends her mornings working, her afternoons playing/singing/chasing/digging/walking/learning with Emmett, and her evenings in bed with a good book!