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My name is Jenna Guizar, and I am the founding mama behind the blog. I am a native of Arizona and have a beautiful family of five. My husband and three daughters fill up my life with so many good things while also making me grow every day. This blog is my attempt at documenting our lives – and finding other mamas who are on the same trenchy, crazy road called motherhood.

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The Blog

This project began in my mind many years ago, but it came into fruition February of 2013. This blog is a platform to voice the truths of marriage, motherhood, parenting, and everything in between. I hope to one day have a great sense of journeying with each other as mothers and wives, and that we all truly come to understand that it takes a whole village, and we’re in it.

We will write about our adventures, do product reviews, and talk with others who are on this fun and jagged road we call life.

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