Currently. {Vol. 40}

Hi there! Welcome to Currently, where we share with each other what we are Currently up to and let you share your post through the link-up below. We love this link-up, where we can make new friends and build community. Join us.

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Thinking about so dang much! How are our thoughts ALWAYS going?!

What’s really forefront on my mind is the peace that I’m feeling right now. There are hard weeks that push me and pull me in all sorts of directions, and last week was one of them. But right now, right here. I feel a sense of peace that hasn’t been there in quite a while.

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My Favorite Blogging Resources {Vol. 2}

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Oak and Oats :: How to Make Them Stay // Elizabeth does a great post on what it is that readers are looking for and what to do on your blog to help them stick around. Good stuff. The Nectar Collective :: Better Blogging: How to Build a Community on Your Blog // You guys know I love Mel's blog. She does NOT let down on being a helpful and resourcesful... resource. Community + Blogging = The best posts ever. Breanne Rose :: For Bloggers: Wordpress Plugins // I'm a sucker for some good plugins. … Continue reading...

Currently. {Vol. 39}

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Hi there! Welcome to Currently, where we share with each other what we are Currently up to and let you share your post through the link-up below. We love this link-up, where we can make new friends and build community. Join us. Thinking about // The storms in life. Whether it be the storms in marriage, in motherhood, in being single, in work, in friendships, in self esteem. The storms come in ebbs and flows. They grip us and shake us up and at times are so incredibly unrelenting. Sometimes I … Continue reading...

HALO SleepSack + Pottery Barn Kids = Heaven

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I've told you all before about how much I love HALO SleepSacks. I love that they're the sweetest little sacks to put Lucia in when she goes to sleep. They're like an extra blanket for her without the risk of blankets floating in her crib! Right when I go to put her in her SleepSack, it signals for her that it's time to go to sleep, and this is awesome because I'm all about routine, guys. I've also always been a lover of Pottery Barn Kids, because, really, who isn't?? So it was an extra special … Continue reading...

Coffee Time with You and Me

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Hey guys! Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to see you again at our coffee date! So, what's been going on this week? This week has been a whole lot of craziness. I have been getting cancelled a lot (see in the "lows" section), but with all of these crazy cancellations, I have been spending an amazing amount of time with the girls. It is treasure, being with them. Especially on the days where I thought I wouldn't be with them. It is a huge blessing to snuggle and kiss and read … Continue reading...

The Little Lookbook :: Freshly Picked


I had no idea that Susan Peterson, the owner and founder of Freshly Picked, worked her tail off to get where she is today with her amazing moccasins company. The quality, colors, durability and adorable-ness cannot be beat. And she's a mama, just like you and me, doing the very best she can for her family. That's a company to love. Freshly Picked shop | blog | twitter | facebook | instagram PS -- Win some moccasins for yourself at our Sweet Summer Swag giveaway!!   … Continue reading...

Managing Myself (or lack thereof)

managing myself

I guess I'm good at managing everything but myself. I can manage a blog (or two) like a boss. I can manage three kids with ease (at times). I can manage working three days a week and being home four. I can manage the little idiosyncrasies that need managing. But managing myself? I am all jumbled up inside, uncontrolled, barely manageable, and nearly drowning. Is this what I thought life would be like? Yes, to a huge extent. I have always been like this. I've been social and all over the … Continue reading...

Authentic Motherhood :: Mercy Ink


Welcome to Authentic Motherhood:: a monthly series from A Mama Collective and Joyful Life interviewing inspiring women in the blogging community who are authentically living out their passions in motherhood. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by the words of these amazing women.   We are so excited to share Lauren Mills of Mercy INK with you all this month for Authentic Motherhood. Lauren is the founder of Mercy INK a handmade shop as well as amazing blog which is amazingly … Continue reading...


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I Got an Ombre Fail

The title clearly says it all. I have had my hair all sorts of lengths - from nearly pixie cut, to loooong in high school, and everything in between (obviously). I love above the shoulder cuts on me, but I've really loved my long hair as well. I vacillate often about going super short or keeping it long. To curb my constant need of changing (aka … [Read More...]

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Encouraging Words for Newborn Cloth Diapering

I have quite a few friends that are pregnant right now that have been taking the dive into contemplating cloth diapering. I wanted to touch on a few things - words of encouragement (!!), advice, and just some general info on cloth diapering from the newborn stage as opposed to diapering an older baby. First of all, hats off to you, mama, for … [Read More...]

Coffee Date Link-Up

Our Second Coffee Date

Hey guys! Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to see you again at our coffee date (PS - check out her beautiful new header from Natalia Rosa!!). Now, let's get some coffee, shall we? I'm kind of loving the new Oprah Chai. Does that make me a total sell-out? I'm a lover of the 'Bucks and I can't stop! What are you drinking, … [Read More...]


The Distractions Are So… Distracting

Is anyone else out there totally and completely distracted once you open up your computer to "work"? I have about a bajillion tabs open and oop - there it is - a Facebook notification! or a new email! or a new mention on Twitter! Oy. Get yourself together, Jenna. So, basically the ONLY way to get anything done at all is to go back to the … [Read More...]

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Working Mother’s Guilt :: 20/52

These days are filled with laughter and love. Of looking in the eyes and telling you you're special. Of closing the computer when you wake from slumber and soaking up every smell and breath of you that I can. Of watching the sisterhood, the love, the kindness of each other. Of really seeing. Of course, then there the days when I go to work, and I … [Read More...]


To Those of You Who Have Lost a Child

I have a beautiful friend, Corinna, who brings me joy just by being alive. She is a source and fountain of strength and courage and beauty. And she and I barely speak to each other, we never get coffee, we have never had a phone conversation. But in moments like these: I think of her. Today has been a shitty day. I truly feel like I'm … [Read More...]