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I have been a longtime lover of Woodland Owl Trinkets. Jessica, the owner, is a beautiful mama who makes gorgeous, personalized jewelry. I fell in love with her nests and wanted them from the moment I saw them. Not only can you customize a nest for something so beautiful and personal for yourself, but they would also make a wonderful and incredibly thoughtful gift.

Jessica sent me these gorgeous nest earrings. And you all know I love a good presentation::

WOT Collage Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m in love with them. Every time I wear them, I get SO many compliments and kind words about them. I’ve loved gushing about Woodland Owl Trinkets to coworkers, friends and family alike.

Jessica is a stay-at-home-mom (I love supportive companies like this!) who puts so much thought, time and detail into her work. She started making nests as an idea for a gift for her mom and mother-in-law, and it grew from there. She says, “I also loved the sentiment and meaning behind the nests- how it symbolizes a mother’s love for her young!” <— Love it.

Wonderfully Made 2 Collage

Not only are they super cute and delicate and pretty, I feel pretty in them. That’s the best part. I love feeling special by just putting on a pair of earrings (and you know the red lipstick helps, too).

You’ll notice another something special — the awesome Wonderfully Made shirt.

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHIRT. Like, it’s perfection. The comfort, the feel, the color, the words. All of it is SO ME. That’s what I love. I try to wear it all the days in the row (especially since it goes so well with my Woodland Owl Trinkets earrings!), but eventually I must take it off to, I don’t know, shower.

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Wonderfully Made is a really awesome company, a “Christian-based organization dedicated to helping today’s modern young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value and worth.” That is something I stand behind, 1,000 percent. And then some. I feel strong, I feel worthy, I feel beautiful in this tank.

Wonderfully Made has chapters in colleges, they run conferences, and they make tons of products to help support their organization (even baby onesies!!). Learn more about them here.

Wonderfully Made 3 Collage

And last but not least, I’m showing off a new purchase for my Capsule Wardrobe Project! I’m super pumped about this skirt that I got from the Gap. And it’s still on sale!! Woohoo!!

I figured I could dress it up, dress it down, pair it with tights and booties (maybe? Fashion experts – help?), and it could go with anything. I’m so glad I got it — I feel pretty in it and comfortable at the same time. And hello?! Pockets!

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Woodland Owl Trinkets shop | facebook | twitter | instagram

Wonderfully Made shop | facebook | twitter | instagram | blog

Okay, enough with the chit chat. Below is your chance to win a Wonderfully Made tank and Woodland Owl Trinkets earrings simply because they’re beautiful and so are you.

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