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currently 41.jpgThinking about // How I need to scale back [again] on social media and working on things when the girls are awake. I really need to remember what I wrote in this post and feel passionate enough to put my dang phone down and really focus on them. I know it’s something that everyone struggles with (right??), no matter if it’s not focusing enough on your spouse or your family members or your kiddos. But I want to really break the habit that I get caught in, of always being on my phone. So, today, I’m staying off.

Reading // I really want to read Divergent. I’ve heard from multiple people that I need to read it. OH, and my good buddy friend Kristen shared with me this book and I’m super pumped to get started on it.

Watching // Scandal. It is SO dang good. I regret those times where I thought I shouldn’t watch it! I really really love it. Anyone else watch that show? It’s even keeping me from watching reality tv, and if you know me, you know that’s a feat in itself.

Thankful for // Work. I’m so grateful for my work and for my friends that I’ve come to love and appreciate. I’m grateful to have a job that helps my family. I’m grateful to show the girls that you can find a balance while being a working mother. I appreciate this ability and gift.

Enjoying // My new office space. I finally [finally] cleaning up my laundry room, and I made a little corner of it an office. Our laundry room is unnaturally large and square for a laundry room, so it fits a little desk area perfectly. There aren’t any windows in it which is kind of a bummer, but there is light and outlets and I’ve put up some of my favorite photos in this space, so for now, it’s really perfect. I love it so much. Oh, and I can’t wait to print some of these beauties to have around as well.

Loving // Friendships that I truly treasure. Friends that I can text and call any time and know that they are there for me. Friends that work at our friendship. Friends that love me despite how annoying or prideful or inconsiderate I can be. Friends that take me for who I am and speak truth into my life and show me great kindness, love and generosity. They make me so freaking happy. They fill me with so much joy. Near and far, those friends are treasure.

Giving away // Don’t forget about the two awesome giveaways that are running right now. Sweet Summer Swag is packed with goodies that are over $300, and the MercyINK giveaway is so puuurtttyyy. Get on it, friends :)

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Coffee Date Time!

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Hey guys! Jenna of Dearest Love and I are beyond thrilled to see you again at our coffee date! So, what's been going on this week? This sweet moment was probably the best high of the whole week. It spurned a whole blog post about what I want my daughters to know. I have an immense amount of gratitude for these incredibly special times that I can sit back and watch them be real with each other, love each other, squeal in pure fun and joy. Nothing makes my heart swell more than that. It is … Continue reading...

The Little Lookbook :: Dear Cub Clothing


This little wild man just turned three this week.  We set out to capture the last day of his two's, and I was ever so grateful for this great tee he got to sport.  Captures him to a "T."  He is my free spirt, my little man, my warrior boy.  I once was scared of the role of mothering a boy.  Now I look ahead at the task with great excitement and with so much wonder.  Keep being a free bird, buddy.  It's your time to soar! Dear Cub is a small t-shirt company created by Courtney Bivin, based … Continue reading...

I Want My Daughters to Know


I want my daughters to know that they can do anything. I want my daughters to know that they are incredibly made and incredibly unique. I want my daughters to know that they can live in color or in black and white. I want them to know that their world will be just as they view it. It can be crap or it can be beautiful, just depends on your lens. I want them to know that I will be there, every step of every day, if only they ask. I want them to know that my love is unconditional and … Continue reading...

Currently. {Vol. 40}

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Hi there! Welcome to Currently, where we share with each other what we are Currently up to and let you share your post through the link-up below. We love this link-up, where we can make new friends and build community. Join us. Thinking about so dang much! How are our thoughts ALWAYS going?! What's really forefront on my mind is the peace that I'm feeling right now. There are hard weeks that push me and pull me in all sorts of directions, and last week was one of them. But right now, right … Continue reading...

My Favorite Blogging Resources {Vol. 2}

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Currently. {Vol. 39}

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Hi there! Welcome to Currently, where we share with each other what we are Currently up to and let you share your post through the link-up below. We love this link-up, where we can make new friends and build community. Join us. Thinking about // The storms in life. Whether it be the storms in marriage, in motherhood, in being single, in work, in friendships, in self esteem. The storms come in ebbs and flows. They grip us and shake us up and at times are so incredibly unrelenting. Sometimes I … Continue reading...

HALO SleepSack + Pottery Barn Kids = Heaven

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I've told you all before about how much I love HALO SleepSacks. I love that they're the sweetest little sacks to put Lucia in when she goes to sleep. They're like an extra blanket for her without the risk of blankets floating in her crib! Right when I go to put her in her SleepSack, it signals for her that it's time to go to sleep, and this is awesome because I'm all about routine, guys. I've also always been a lover of Pottery Barn Kids, because, really, who isn't?? So it was an extra special … Continue reading...


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Why I Am Not A Motivated Person :: 12/52

Everyone has different things that keep them going. Sometimes it's the people around us, other times it might be what's waiting for us on the other side of hard work. Whatever it may be, there's usually some sort of motivation to get up every day, get things done, or maybe even go the extra mile. With that said, what would you say is your biggest … [Read More...]


Social Media Effects on My Mothering :: 13/52

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Choose :: Five Minute Friday

I choose to respect you despite our differences. I choose to embrace you no matter how far I watch you fall. I choose to acknowledge that your sins are no greater or less than mine. Our sins are our sins. I choose to say that while I do not say our sins are good, I know you are ultimately good. I choose to cry out in love when I am around you, … [Read More...]

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Being Real

I want so badly to be real with you. My heart begs to be honest with every beat of it. And yet I can't. And I won't. Because sometimes the truth is too much. It's just too much. I want to give you all of me, but I can't, and I won't, because all of me isn't here. I'm way up in the clouds, watching this life glide by. Observing the … [Read More...]

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Working Mother’s Guilt :: 20/52

These days are filled with laughter and love. Of looking in the eyes and telling you you're special. Of closing the computer when you wake from slumber and soaking up every smell and breath of you that I can. Of watching the sisterhood, the love, the kindness of each other. Of really seeing. Of course, then there the days when I go to work, and I … [Read More...]

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What My Daughters Teach Me :: 24/52

Lia // My sweet baby girl. Your 4.5 self is so strong-willed. You are relentless and driven, you never give up, and you have passion like crazy. You are so incredibly sweet to baby Lucia, and you are the best big sister to her. The minute I ask you to do anything for her, you stop whatever you're doing and you say, "Of course, coming, Looch." You … [Read More...]